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Bengaluru, January 06, 2015 (Online News India): India’s leading online school of analytics, Jigsaw Academy has released its annual predictions for the Analytics industry for 2015. The following are the key predictions.

Government investing in Big Data: The single most important prediction by Jigsaw Academy is that Governments will spend more on Big Data. According to Jigsaw Academy, the industry will witness several instances of predictive analytics using Big Data systems. The Governments’ sensitivity towards Big Data and its potential will also increase in 2015 and more data will be available publicly. “Governments will embark on several initiatives leveraging Big Data from trying to improve national security to solving infrastructure problems. Already, the Prime Minister’s Office is using Big Data Analytics to process citizen’s ideas and sentiments through the crowd sourcing platform mygov.in and implementing an attendance system for India’s Central Government employees through attendance.gov.in. Similarly, the state Government of Telangana is employing Big Data Analytics for the data collected from nearly 3.5 crore people across strata,” said Gaurav Vohra, CEO of Jigsaw Academy.

Gujarat’s emergence: Gujarat will emerge as the fourth centre for Analytics after Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The number of analytics companies based in Gujarat has been on the rise due to which there will be an increased demand in that region for trained data scientists.

Advent of Personalized Analytics: Another key prediction is that Personalized Analytics will create a lot of buzz as it will be taken to new levels. This includes data from wearable devices, which will gain popularity and have an impact on healthcare, as well as professional sports. Wearables will have smarter algorithms for data correlation and start to enter the workplace. More importantly it will impact our daily lives and we will see this data make positive changes to our lifestyle. Wearables like ‘Smart Glasses’ will see larger enterprise adoption, particularly in those sectors and for those jobs where hands-free gadgets has the potential to improve efficiency as in the case of doctors. Smart smartphone cases will double as a medical device.

Talent with programming skills and Open Source will benefit: And finally, Jigsaw Academy predicts Analytics recruiters will place much more emphasis on programming skills and expertise in Open Source tools and technologies. As Open Source Analytic tools become more popular, companies will look to hire those with programming skills, as well as competence in Open Source.

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