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Jalandhar, June 05, 2015 (Online News Ind Team): Concrete has always been associated with durability and strength and considered to be a utility construction material. However ACC Concrete has decided to break through the mould and introduce its customers, to its new brand of concrete which will not only bolster a structure but make it more durable. ACC Concrete has developed a new concrete which has a sustainable foundation and is environment friendly, called the Ecocrete. ACC being a socially responsible company has come up with this product in order to protect the ecosystem.

Ecocrete is an eco-friendly product of ACC, it replaces the use of Portland Cement (OPC) to a higher extent with cement materials without replacing any other important properties. But it has a higher durability compared to OPC against external weathering loses. Besides promoting sustainable development, Ecocrete increases resistance to sulphates, reduces chloride-ion penetration and improves resistance to aggressive environments. It reduces the heat of hydration, provides excellent durability, and improves workability, pumpability and placeability during concrete pours. It also reduces shrinkage, bleeding promotes better shutter finish and aesthetics and segregation.

It is very helpful to marine and coastal structures, dairy, fishing and meat industry structures. It is also used in industrial buildings and floors, cornice constructions, water and sewage treatments works, embankments, backfills, hydraulic fills, subgrade stabilization, pavement base, landfill covers, grouting and soil amendments. ACC Ecocrete is an innovative concrete product available in Jalandhar and all across the country.

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