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Ludhiana, December 07, 2015 (Rajinder Ahuja): To keep the chill at bay this winter, USHA International launches a new premium range of room heaters and an ultrasonic humidifier. These innovative products support a healthy lifestyle by maintaining the required comfortable temperature and humidity level in your home, helping you to stay active. 

Continuing with its ‘innovation first’ mantra, USHA’s new range of room heaters and ultrasonic humidifier are the perfect combination of latest technology and safety features. The new room heater range comprises of three variants– Steam Heaters, Panel Heaters, Carbon Heaters and Oil Filled Radiators. USHA has also launched the USHA Cool Mist Ultrasonic humidifier that fights dry air while maintaining there quired humidity level in the air to retain body moisture.

The USHA Steam Heater works best in an enclosed area by virtue of radiation. The product is further enabled with smart technology that includes a steam function to prevent dryness; and an inner fan that helps in equal temperature distribution across the room. The tip over switch cuts off electricity in case of overheating while the powder coated finish prevents corrosion.

USHA Panel Heater has a slim and sleek design that blends well with today’s modern home interiors. Thanks to its DC motor it warms up the room in just three (3) seconds. Other than its super quick warming function, it is enabled with infrared body sensors to sense absence and automatically shuts down its heating function when no one is in the room. USHA panel heater is fitted with PTC heating element that makes it a safer option to use while consuming lesser energy for heating. It also enhances product life and does not consume oxygen thus making USHA panel heater as great product for winter.

The third product in the range is USHA Carbon Heater. It is cost-effective and a healthy alternative to traditional room heating solutions. It comes with thin carbon plates, which help in even heat distribution, resulting in deeper penetration of heat into the skin tissues leading to acceleration in body’s natural healing process. The surface temperature of USHA Carbon heater is much lower than a ceramic heater, thus it is a safer choice for longer heating sessions.

It is best advised to use room heaters with humidifiers. USHA Cool Mist Ultrasonic humidifier is an ideal combination of form and function. The modern, simplistic design of the vase shaped humidifier makes it a stylish addition to any room. Besides adding aesthetic appeal to home interiors this innovative humidifier features eight variable mist output controls. It also has a whisper-quiet operation and an auto-off function for indicating an empty water tank. This smart device is integrated with an LED indicator that displays the working status of the unit and demineralization function that often the hard water into soft water giving you clean and pleasant air mist.

With style, innovation and powerful performance, USHA room heaters promise to provide you a warm, safe and healthy living experience this winter.

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