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Daddumajra resident Dayal Krishan explaining problems due to dumping ground near their residence
Daddumajra resident Dayal Krishan explaining problems due to dumping ground near their residence

Chandigarh, April 24, 2015 (News Team): Today on day two of ‘Garbage Run’ programme organized by Yuvsatta and Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration around 50 students of New Public School, Sector 18B, Chandigarh were taken to meet rag-pickers, scrap dealers and people living in vicinity of dumping ground at Daddumajra.

Young children’s never imagined in the past that the daily output of 200 gms to 800gms of household garbage can turn daily a monster of 500 tonnes for local Municipal authorities and this big heap of garbage piled-up at dumping ground can pose health hazards for thousand of city residents living nearby.

During their interaction Pramod Sharma, Coordinator of Yuvsatta explained to the students that why reducing our consumption and altogether discarding of polythene bags from our lifestyle and purchases is the most important issue of environmental importance. He added that while plastics constitute only about 8 percent by weight or 20 percent by volume of municipal solid waste, their low density and slowness to decompose makes them a visible pollutant of public concern. As even a small locality of 1000 household, if on an average consumes five polythene bags / household daily, this will amount to 18 lac bags every year.

Motivated by their visit the Eco-club students of New Public School came out with many suggestions to change this tide of environmental degradation, Mansi Bhatt a class X students suggested that they’ll motivate all other students in their School to tell their parents to carry cloth or jute bags for shopping and strictly saying ‘No’ to anything offered in polythene bags.

Harshita another student of class IX came out with the idea of even ditching use of one time use cups, straws and bottles to reduce waste generation at first place. Kamaljot and Rajneesh of Class X took upon themselves the task of preparing posters, slogans in this regard to be displayed at the School display boards. Another student Rohit suggested that we should become active consumers and repair, reuse all our household good, cloths, shoes etc. for the maximum long-term use. Archana Sharma the Eco-club in charge suggested the gandhian mantra of ‘Be the Change’ to work for environmental conservation and sustainability.

The programme ended with presentation of books by Mahatma Gandhi to five best participants and accompanying teachers of the School by Pramod Sharma, Coordinator Yuvsatta.

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