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Students learning about solar energy products
Students learning about solar energy products

Chandigarh, April 29, 2015 (News Team): Today as part of environmental conservation drive Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration and Yuvsatta organized a visit for 50 Eco Clubs students of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector 37D, to the energy efficient green building of Chandigarh Administration, "Paryavaran Bhawan", where they also saw exhibition on Solar energy products like lamps, batteries, ovens, cookers, solar caps, solar water heating suystems etc.

Introducing the youngsters with concept of this green building in Chandigarh, Santosh Kumar, Director, Department of Environment and Science and Technology shared that this state-of-the-art building has many green generate its own power rather its power surplus which it exports to the Electricity Department, building features like an earth air tunnel forced ventilation system for the lower two floors and evaporating cooling for the top three floors and has a natural cooling system for the entire building. Some of its features include the terrace which has reflective white tiles, to reflect back heat and thus reduce the need for artificial climate control measures and a water harvesting system integrated with the building design. Moreover, the entire parking and paving is of special green blocks which shall ensure green cover all around the building as well as allow rain water to percolate down into the earth, recharging ground water.

Later the Engineers of Department of Science and Technology showed the roof-top Solar-energy panels and how the whole system works to the students.

A green quiz was also conducted on the occasion by Pramod Sharma, Corodinator, Yuvsatta and winners of the same were awarded auto biographies of Mahatma Gandhi by Chandigarh Santosh Kumar, Director, Department of Environment, Science and Technology, Chandigarh Administration.

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