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Siddharth Nigam as Bindusara in Chandra Nandni

Mumbai, August 12, 2017 (Online News India): They were bound through the institution of marriage to avenge each other. However, a journey which started with hatred, gradually over the years transformed into a bond of intense love and companionship. Chandra went ahead to lay the foundation of the great Mauryan Empire, where Nandni, the revengeful warrior princess, not only grew in her role as the Maharani of Magadh but became the driving force in Chandra’s life who transformed the war savvy heartless king to a compassionate ruler.

But the journey of love is never easy!

In a leap of many years, Chandra Nandni unfolds in an era where Magadh has lost its Maharani - nobody knows if Queen Nandini is dead or alive. And this loss has deeply affected Chandra, who has lost interest in the concept of governance and politics, as they seem futile and pointless to him. The only reason for his survival is the hope of reuniting with Nandni someday, as he still continues to search for her.

Nandni lost her memory following her near-fatal accident and, since then, been given shelter by a Brahmin family. She, however, frequently gets flashes from her past, as she tries her best to remember her true self.

Essayed by Siddharth Nigam, Chandra’s son Bindusara is now a young and dashing teenage prince. He is his father’s son when it comes to physical strength, courage and valour. But as they say, not every tale is straight. Bindusara still harbours resentment towards Nandini. The once young kid who could not even leave his mother’s side, today, can’t even bear to look at her portrait!

Talking more about the change in track, Rajat Tokas, who plays Chandra, says, “It’s a big transition in my role. Personally, my heart goes out to my character as he has faces a testing time in his life.”

An excited Siddharth Nigam, the new entrant of the cast as Bindusara says, “I am really excited to portray the role of a powerful prince on screen. I went through a lot of training sessions to play the role convincingly on the show. Apart from the physical abilities, I also had to prepare myself emotionally to portray this character well. As it’s difficult to hate your own mother and Bindusara is someone, who gets agitated even by seeing just the portrait of Nandini. It’s quite a challenging role to play.”

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