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Arsheen Naamdar
Arsheen Naamdar

Jalandhar, September 26, 2016 (Akash Sharma): Mahesh Bhatt’s newest venture on the silver screen, Naamkarann is on air and the show’s 10 year old lead protagonist, Arsheen Naamdar is already winning hearts with her chirpy yet mature performance, not just on screen but on the sets as well. Everyone on the sets is electrified by the positive energy the little bundle of joy brings about and on the other hand it becomes a dull affair when she is in a sad state.

Recently, Arsheen’s scene required her to indulge in an impromptu race with her co-star Kia for practice and run with all her might to win it. When the little one was at it, she noticed Kia limping because she twisted her foot earlier practicing for the scene and while trying to save her from falling, her foot tripped on a stone and she fell flat on the ground and started bleeding profusely. The entire crew came to actress’s aid and there was a sad ambience all around the sets as she is their Princess. But Arsheen, being the brave girl that she is, hid her pain from everyone to keep it going, sprung back up from the ground, hid her wounds and smiled and laughed the moment off. Just like her character Avni, Arsheen too manifests traits of maturity and selflessness and didn’t shy away from helping her friend, without the regard for her own health. Though the actress was taken to the nearest doctor for medical care, she refused let her pain affect her character and completed her scene with absolute grace.

The two little actresses share a bond of friendship on the sets of the show and are often seen playing together, becoming the life line of the crew. “It was a scene where me and Kia were required to run for an impromptu race where she had already hurt herself practicing for it. She is my good friend and I like playing with her and I did not like seeing her hurt. So I thought of saving her, and ended up hurting myself. But I am fine now, my mumma was also on the sets and Barkha aunty also took care of me, so did others. And I am really grateful to all of them for helping me and Kia” said the little actress.

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