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Ashish Sharma with his dressman
Ashish Sharma with his dressman

Mumbai, March 18, 2016 (Akash Sharma): We all know that Lord Ram is the epitome of goodness and spreads positivity everywhere he goes. Such is the aura of Ashish Sharma who plays Ram on Star Plus’s show Siya Ke Ram. He shares his experience of how he managed to touch hearts of people in real life by the example of his very own dressman.

The on-screen Ram’s dressman entered his vanity van and narrated his story, of how unknowingly Ashish changed his life and got it back on track. Ashish Sharma was blown away with happiness when he got to know he had made a difference in someone’s life. The gratitude filled smile on his dressman’s face got tears in Ashish’s eyes.

“Santosh, my dressman entered my vanity and all of a sudden he started thanking me. On asking he said that was an alcoholic before he started working here. He is married and blessed with 3 children. His habit of drinking started creating a rift between him and his family as sometimes they would even have to go fetch for him at 4am in the morning,” says Ashish Sharma who was taken aback initially. He adds, “When he came on the sets of Siya Ke Ram as my dressman and he touched me to help me with my costume change, his life changed completely. It’s been 2 months since he has touched alcohol and thankfully he’s doing well and feeding his family.”

Maybe it was Ashish’s golden touch or his positivity that helped his dressman get his life back on track.

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