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Divyanka and Karan
Divyanka and Karan

Mumbai, May 16, 2015 (Online News Ind): Actors are known to love their fans given the love and adulation they receive in plenty from them on a regular basis. Same is the case with Divyanka Tripathi who plays the role of Ishita Bhalla in Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

The actress who recently suffered a major leg injury due to which she couldn’t walk on her feet for two whole months is now partially back in action. With the upcoming 15 year celebrations of the Star Parivaar Awards 2015, the actress was very much in demand for most of the performances but unfortunately she was restricted to her wheelchair and crutches for the same. Divyanka had even made up her mind to not be performing at the awards but being a silent spectator due to the injury.

But on huge popular demand and messages flowing in from fans across the country made the actress change her decision to be performing as much as she can at the Star Parivaar Awards, 2015. The actress is said to have requested the choreographers and the channel to exclusively design a wheelchair on which she will be performing on the big day.

Divyanka added, "I was extremely sad initially when I thought I wouldn't be able to perform at the15 year celebrations of the Star Parivaar Awards. And since I still can't put much pressure on my foot, the idea of performing on crutches and a wheelchair happened. I've already rehearsed for my act and I'm really excited to perform it on stage. I wish I could do more for my Parivaar."

So much for the love of fans, Divyanka. We hope your leg heals super soon.

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