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Host SRK with speaker Gurmehar Kaur on the second episode of TED Talks India Nayi Soch

Ludhiana, December 12, 2017 (Tarkeshwar Sharma): She has been titled with many names, some of the most popular and celebrated ones includes ‘Free Speech Warrior’, Gurmehar Kaur is all set to deliver her first speech at TED Talks India Nayi Soch. This time, she opens up about her struggle, a personal rendezvous with her heart after being cornered by her peers and politicians for her messages of peace and equality among students.

She hasn’t been one to sit back and let others walk over her. She has a voice and she speaks aloud. Sharing her journey with the audience of the show and one of her favourite actors of all time, SRK, she said, “You may have wondered why such a young girl’s words of love and acts of resistance to violence would cause such an uproar. I certainly did.”

A 20-year old who is a student of Literature in Delhi University and aims to study Law in the near future, has gone through a struggle her peers find difficult to understand. Gurmehar has had moments of breakdown and when she had few to empathize, “I decided to cut go to a Vipassana center. It seemed the next best thing to do.”

She learnt how scared she was in the solace of her environment, scared to return to her friends and home. She recalls, “One day I was a regular girl wondering what my weekend plans would be, a movie with my friend or finally going to Lodhi gardens, and the next day I was being hounded by the media, my phone is exploding with all kinds of obscenities. The next day I wasn't so sure what life would be like.”

Did she ask for this struggle at 20?!

Find out about the journey of youth icon Gurmehar Kaur as she opens up as a Speaker on TED Talks India Nayi Soch this Sunday, 17th December at 7 pm on Star Plus!

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