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Harshita Ojha during shoot for show Tamanna
Harshita Ojha during shoot for show Tamanna 

Mumbai, February 18, 2016 (Akash Sharma): Harshita Ojha who plays the role of Choti Dharaa in the show Tamanna is very fond of cooking. Young adults dread to step into the kitchen while this young girl is very interested in cooking. 

A scene on the show required Harshita to be in the kitchen and prepare food for the entire family. Harshita was very excited at the very thought of it and with great eagerness learned the art of cooking.

“This role has been fulfilling my wishes from the very beginning, first of reworking with Waseem, playing cricket and now even cooking. I was very curious about so many things and I asked a lot of questions. I prepared my first dish with the help of Ketki Dave (who plays Baa on the show). My mother doesn’t allow me to enter the kitchen as she believes it is my time to enjoy life and she says it’s not safe children. This role helped me fulfill my wish of entering the kitchen, preparing a dish and I was very excited to do this particular scene. I was really amazed by a lot of things Baa taught me, I will definitely prepare a dish for my mother at home,” said a very joyful Harshita.

Ketki Dave adds, “According to the scene, I had to teach Dharaa cooking. After I got to know about her fondness for cooking, I took more interest in it. She knew quite a lot for her age and that really surprised me. The emotions in the scenes came naturally to us and we enjoyed it a lot.”

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