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Athrava and Vividha during the romatic scene in Jana Na Dil Se Door
Athrava and Vividha during the romatic scene in Jana Na Dil Se Door

Jalandhar, July 15, 2016 (Akash Sharma): It’s raining romance in Jana Na Dil Se Door. The show which was launched 3 months back has been picking up and being liked by a lot of viewers. Romance seems to have added more to the chemistry of the lead pair Shivani Surve and Vikram Singh Chauhan who essay the role of Vividha and Athrava respectively.

Since romance is the flavor of the season this monsoon the makers are bringing in the rains quite literally. After the much acclaimed romantic scenes between the leads under the fountain and in the rains, the makers decided to take romance to the next level by introducing a lip lock scene between Vividha and Athrava. According to the storyline, Atharav is miffed with Vividha and she goes to convince him where they end up locking lips with each other. This entire sequence was a dream sequence dreamt by Vividha.

“The lip lock scene was not in the script initially, the makers added it to make the love story more beautiful and romantic this monsoon. It was clear that it has to be in the lines of that lovey – dovey kiss which has a lot of feelings and emotions attached to it”, says a source.

It took some time for the lead actors Vikram and Shivani as they were good friends and situation became a little embarrassing for them who kept shying away for this particular lip lock. Finally after a couple of retakes they managed to deliver the scene but did not talk to each other for the day, owing to the embarrassment.

There was another lip lock sequence which happened within 2 days of the 1st one. In this sequence Vividha confesses her love to Athrava and threatens to jump off the cliff if he doesn’t admit his love to her. An adamant Athrava keep denying and Vividha jumps off the cliff. Athrava in the nick of time jumps and saves Vividha, thus breaking his ego clutters which eventually lead to another lip lock.

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