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Madhoo Shah as Queen Sambhavija in Aarambh

Mumbai, July 12, 2017 (Online News India): Aarambh is a high-octane drama penned by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of Bahubali, Bajrangi Bhaijan and Bahubali 2, the story of which narrates the world of two civilizations born and built out of two different existential needs; one desperately wanting what the other had and the other fighting to defend what they believed to be rightfully theirs.

Viewers have witnessed Devsena (Karthika Nair), the heir apparent and an unparalleled warrior, born in matriarchal society seen heading her clan to rescue it from the ambush of a patriarchal civilization, who in search of Sapt Sindhu have left no stone unturned. It is on the battlefield that she encounters an admirable warrior from their clan, Varundev (Rajniesh Duggall), who through his endurance has risen up the ranks in a democratic society. Their battle will unravel a new story and open up the gates for a plethora of new characters.

In a divided world between these two civilizations, 200 years later, viewers will witness the utmost powerful and prudent Queen Sambhavija, played by Madhoo Shah. Sambhavija is a ruthless warrior with clever tricks and wisdom that have helped her unite this matriarchal society which was left damaged after Devsena and Varundev’s battle.Though her ambition of uniting the civilization was a noble intention, this was achieved with great bloodshed and in that course she had made enemies internally and externally. The entirety of her prime youth is spent on these wars.

Sambhavija is unbeatable and believes in the supreme power of women. She is extremely headstrong due to which she has made many enemies who keep plotting against her. She is shown fighting men and defending herself single handedly from attackers even when she is heavily pregnant.

This weekend family show also marks the debut of Madhoo Shah who was popularly admired for her roles in Bollywood blockbusters like Roja, Diljale and more. The show will bring her in a brand new avatar to the viewers and fans. She shared about her role, “I am extremely excited about my debut on television. It is an honor to portray the role written by Mr. Prasad and I am thrilled to find out the reaction from my audience.”

Aarambh is driven by all the variants of the human emotions’ spectrum – love, jealousy, pride, hatred, greed and all the other shades in between and therefore, is set to keep the audiences intrigued and wanting to see more.

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