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Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand as Piyush and Deepika in Dhhai Kilo Prem
Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand as Piyush and Deepika in Dhhai Kilo Prem

Ludhiana, April 28, 2017 (Tarkeshwar Sharma): Who wants a tall dark and handsome groom anymore when we have the cute, double-chinned boy making way into our hearts this summer? Well, we are talking about the very handsome, a little

overweight and extremely talented Meherzan Mazda who has bagged the lead role of Piyush in Sandiip Sikcand and Ekta Kapoor’s production stint together called Dhhai Kilo Prem.

Meherzan is the boy next door from Mumbai, belonging to a Parsi family. The actor has put on about 20 kgs of weight for his role as Piyush. The show brings forward a heartening love story of two overweight individuals, holding a different perspective on perfection and beauty, married to start a new life together. The actor has left no stone unturned to meet the demand of the character and has been donning a perfect fat-boy figure since 2 months.

But his mother has been worried, going through a plethora of emotions for the reducing number of marriage proposals she is able to line up for the son. Sharing her concern Meherzan’s mother said, “Meherzan had always been a healthy fat boy. But in his growing years he worked out really hard and ate well to have a healthy fit lifestyle. I’m really worried to see him go back to square one. This is the right age for him to get married and settle. I worry his profession will prove to be troublesome in his personal life leaving no balance between the both.”

So what does Mamma’s boy have to say about it? Meherzan who has put in a lot of hardwork and some delicious indulgence days for the role quipped, “It surely was a difficult decision to indulge into physical transformations from abs to flabs. But I didn’t think a bit about the consequences and just put my heart to the show to do full justice to the character.”

Don’t worry Mommy dearest, Meherzan has a doting fan following of some really good looking girls in town!

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