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Sayantani Ghosh
Sayantani Ghosh

Jalandhar, September 15, 2016 (Akash Sharma): Sayantani Ghosh who is all set to play a parallel lead in Star Plus new show Naamkarann, The actress who has been selected by a veteran film maker Mahesh Bhatt to play a pivotal is a prone to pain woman. Naamkarann sketches the story of a 10 year old girl, who at this very tender age, questions the existing norms of society.

The renowned director has roped in best of the best for his upcoming venture that includes Sayantani as Neela, in the show. The actress apparently has a high tolerance for pain and prioritized her work without thinking about the impact it will have on her health. The scene in the show, required for Sayantani to heroically save a little girl from being harrassed by a bunch of goons on the street. While this scene was being shot, the actress had to perform the physical activity and use her strength against a group of men being portrayed as the street urchins. Sayantani, without the regard for her own health, gave her best for the character's need and ended up straining her back and thus pulling her muscle. She immediately cried for help when a shrill of immense pain rose down her spine and a doctor was called immediately on the sets of the show.

According to the sources, “The doctor then examined Sayantani, thus declaring her back sprained and gave her a shot of pain killer to soothe her for a while and adviced her to take 2 days of bed rest. The actress kept her calm for a day when her love for acting couldn't keep her from shooting further and dropped on the sets the very next day.”

Despite the doctor's stern warning, brave Sayantani continued with her shoot so the show wouldn't suffer because of her and completed her scene. "I was shooting for the scene when I experienced a painful shrill in my back. The pain was really terrible so the doctor decided to give me a shot of pain killer and advised me a bed rest for 2 days. I was in a state of calm after the pain killer and could bearly feel my back. But I believe, the show must go on, so I went back on the sets the very next day because I couldn't bear the thought of not working for the day. Thanks to the help I've been getting from the crew they have been very supportive and I feel really blessed to work with such people. Naamkarann's cast and crew are like family to me" says the actress.

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