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Ram and Sita from Siya Ke Ram
Ram and Sita from Siya Ke Ram 

Mumbai, February 03, 2016 (Akash Sharma): Weddings are always known to be a fun-filled affair. After the grand swayamvar of Sita in Siya Ke Ram, the cast and crew of the show are now gearing up for Sita and Ram’s wedding on the show. Sources back from the show’s set in Hyderabad’s Ramoji Filmcity tell us that the entire atmosphere on the set is extremely joyous. 

Touted as one of the biggest unions in the history of Indian culture, the makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the wedding festivities are larger than life. The entire crew is really excited about this particular track which is a big highpoint in the Ramayana. The entire crew has been working sleepless nights to decorate the set to make it look as royal as ever.

To stay true to the fact of celebrating Mithila’s very own Princess Sita’s wedding, the channel and the makers took a call on ordering 100 kgs of marigold flowers to decorate the mandap for the sequence where Sita and Ram will exchange vows stepping into the world of marital bliss.

The entire track will be seen depicting the very origin and essence of the wedding rituals. “It all started from this very wedding. Sita and Ram’s wedding was when these wedding festivities came into existence. The makers have planned a beautiful on air campaign wherein with every festivity, they will be showcasing the importance of the ritual be it haldi ceremony or sindoor or varmala exchange between the bride and the groom. The makers have ordered marigold and rose flowers all the way from Mithila. Not everyone knows why marigold is the one flower majorly used in wedding ceremonies.” said Bhargavi Chirmule, who plays the role of Sita’s mother, Sunaina on the show.

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