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The entire cast of Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan
The entire cast of Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 

Mumbai, September 16, 2015 (Akash Sharma): Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms reunite to present a passionate love story build on the fact that if it’s not mad, extra ordinary and passionate love, then it’s not love at all. Love transcends all boundaries but many a times we can't predict what life has in store for us. Life takes us through paths we never dreamt of going on, taking our love through the test of time. 

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan is the coming of an age story of three friends Koyal, Raj and Madhavan, each different from the other yet connected by the bond of friendship. Their life, journey and fate are intertwined, where happiness for one, will become destruction for the other.

The show is set in the beautiful steel city of Jamshedpur, exploring the colour and life style of a small town, where almost everyone works in a same steel industry and lives a simple, routine life. Jamshedpur and the steel factory culture will bring a unique colour to the show, as it explores the story of three families, one Bengali, one Punjabi and one South Indian, all related to each other through their place of work and profession.

The story also traces the journey of Koyal, who keeps her heart above her mind and treasures friendship. In a materialistic and convenience driven world of today, she is such a person who sets ‘Love’ as the prime filter when it comes to choosing her life partner. She will not go for the stereo type handsome and rich guy to resort to a comfortable future. She prefers being with the person her heart beats for and seeks only love and nothing else in return. The strength of her character lies in her being very honest in her feelings and committed towards her friends and loved ones.

Her world revolves around her family, best friends Raj and Madhavan and her hometown Jamshedpur. Her best friend is Madhavan who is a studious boy and holds a promising future.  Koyal depends on him for everything in her life. On the contrary the person who depends on Koyal is Raj, very unconventional in his approach towards life, in his gestures and actions. Raj is an aspiring actor and a flamboyant flirt. Raj hails from a middleclass family, and doesn’t seem promising to Koyal’s mom. But while the society and elders put forward some set parameters to select the Mr. Right, the heart follows none. For Koyal, Madhavan is the calm in her life whereas Raj is her storm. While the 3 friends embark a very unique journey in love and friendship, the show promises to bring alive the essence of love which knows no logic.

Excited to be the protagonist of the show Shritama Mukherjee said, “Koyal treasures her friendship with Madhvan and Raj, and feels this is one bond that she is extremely true to, and can go to any extent to fulfill her promises, once made!! She believes that there can be no bigger dream in life than love and is thus happy in her space of life and cherishes and respects the love and affection given by those close to her. I am really excited to play the character of Koyal, as though on the face she appears to be very naive and impulsive, her journey in the story make her evolve as a very strong character who is honest in her feelings and has never hesitated to choose the tough route in life to stand by the person she loves and is committed to. The show is her journey of unraveling love. Being a Bengali, this will be my first show where I will play a Bengali character. I hope people will relate to Koyal as much as I do.”

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan stars Shritama Mukherjee as the protagonist playing the role of Koyal. Shritama will be paired opposite two lead actors, Vibhav Roy and Gautam Gupta playing the role of Raj and Madhvan.

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