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Shilpa Shirodkar, Abhay Vakil and Chhavvi Pandey in Star Plus's new show Silsila Pyaar Ka
Shilpa Shirodkar, Abhay Vakil and Chhavvi Pandey in Star Plus's new show Silsila Pyaar Ka 

Mumbai, December 16, 2015 (Akash Sharma): A relationship should be the pillar of strength and not the reason for insecurity. True love is not about controlling someone but is about helping him to flourish and blossom. Star Plus presents ‘Silsila Pyaar Ka’, a story of two contrastingly strong women linked by one man. To one he is her son and her entire world while to the other he is the person she looks up to. The show throws light on what ‘Love’ truly means. Can love become the cause of suffering than happiness. 

The show is set in Indore, exploring the custom and tradition of the place along with the grandeur of the haveli’s and its lifestyle. The Tiwari’s are one of the highly respected families there. The control of the house rests with Janki Tiwari, a shrewd businesswoman. Janki primarily has two agendas in life; to be in absolute control of her empire and be the all in all in her son’s life. For Janki Raunak is her world, the day should start and end with him. Raunak is a college goer who has never questioned the over obsessive love of his mother.

Raunak has a soft corner for Kajal, a middle class girl from her college who believes that love is not about control, but should let you blossom and flourish. Love that holds back is not affection but selfishness. Raunak longs to have Kajal in his life but Janki Tiwari will never let any girl have any right over her son. Janki leaves no stone unturned to get Kajal out of Raunak’s life. But as fate would have it circumstances make Kajal enter the Tiwari mansion. Janki Tiwari is left devastated as destiny once again places Kajal in Tiwari mansion face to face with her.

‘Silsila Pyaar Ka’ unravels deep emotions associated with love and relationships. While Janki Tiwari believes in a controlled and domination in love, Kajal believes in freedom and space in a relationship. What happens when two women with contrasting philosophies clash in the life of one man?

Excited to be one of the major leads of the show Shilpa Shirodkar said, “Janki Tiwari is a strong headed woman who prefers to keep everything under her control. Though her actions make her appear manipulative, yet her motive is very pure. She doesn’t want anything beyond love and exclusivity from her son. I am really excited to play the character of Janki Tiwari as the character has many shades and is demanding in its own way contrary to what I played in my previous show. I hope people relate to Janki’s character.”

Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, ‘Silsila Pyaar Ka’ stars Shilpa Shirodkar as an over obsessive mother Janki Tiwari. Chhavvi Pandey essays the role of Kajal; Abhay Vakil plays the loveable son Raunak and Sehban Azim plays the best friend Akshay’s character.

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