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Movie Lipstick under My Burkha team

Mumbai, July 13, 2017 (Online News India): The movie Lipstick under My Burkha, produced by Prakash Jha and directed by Alankrita Shrivastava is a call for gender equality from our so called society. But what will happen when women protest and fight for what they want? Well, this question can best be answered through the movie Lipstick under My Burkha.

Ekta Kapoor on being asked about the reactions and censor said, "The fight is much bigger. Censor board just stops the film but the ideology we are talking about is to be combat at various levels by various women. I am sure that it is entertaining enough that everyone can go to the theaters and have a blast. So it's not about the censor board but the subtle biased behavior that we encounter every day."

She further added, “The movie is so amazing that I feel that 11 awards is just a start and it will be a pity if women of our country, who this movie is based on don't get to watch it. And take all men along because they need to watch it more."

Prakash Jha on being asked about the film said, "People say nothing will be changed even after we make such films because men are like that only and we can't change them but at least we can talk and make them realize that what they are doing is wrong, and we should not stop banging the doors of the society and keep talking about such issues." On being asked about the title he said, "Burkha is a symbol of restrictions and lipstick is an urge to be free. So burkha is our society and lipstick is the dream and aspiration of women."

Ratna Pathak without being diplomatic said, "I know there are things that we don't openly talk about like generation gap, depression, etc. Because of this I think there is an uneven development in our society. Some people are still stuck in the struggle of acceptance. It's not easy when you are financially dependent and have no real say in day to day matters and are not really welcomed wholeheartedly in the society and there are a lot of girls who face such things including me but I Neva got stopped because of it."

Adding on to it she said, "I think India is in a definite need of sex education and this film can help a lot in it."

Konkona Sen on being asked about the uniqueness of film said, "I think this film will pass with flying colors as it is an exception. I feel things do not change instantly and takes time but slowly I am hoping to see some. Ideologically it is revolutionary. Not because of the sexual content or it being so explicit that we have never seen it before but because we have never seen it from this side and perspective. We know things cannot happen overnight. We have waited a long time and we can wait for some more."

Featured by Balaji Motion Pictures the movie is slated to release on 21 July 2017.

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