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A decision to issue these amended guidelines was taken in a meeting chaired by Union Minister for Rural Development. This is in accordance with the Cabinet decision wherein all Ministries/Departments of the Central Government have been asked to take necessary action to make suitable changes in the guidelines of their respective Central sector and Centrally Sponsored schemes/programmes to enable priority to be given to the Gram Panchayats selected under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.

The Centre has approved amendments in the PMGSY Guidelines to accord priority in the selection of roads for new connectivity as well as upgradation, leading to the eligible habitations in the Gram Panchayats identified by the Members of Parliament under SAGY. As per the amended Guidelines, the State Governments shall give priority to all roads leading to the Gram Panchayats identified under SAGY irrespective of Comprehensive New Connectivity Priority List (CNCPL) to include all eligible unconnected habitations in the selected Gram Panchayats.

In case of upgradation of roads, priority shall be given to the roads which have Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Value-I and II in the Gram Panchayats identified under SAGY. However, the length required for upgradation of these roads should be within the overall target allocated to various States under PMGSY-I and PMGSY-II. Moreover, in case of roads already built under PMGSY, in the Gram Panchayats identified under SAGY, State should carry out maintenance as per the activities suggested in the Operations Manuals and Rural Roads Manual (SP–20.02.2002), even if the maintenance period of 5 years is over. The State Governments must ensure PCI of not less than four for all such roads at all times. Adequate funds for this purpose will be provided by State Governments.