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Kids with their their pets during Pet Show at Delhi Public School
Kids with their their pets during Pet Show at Delhi Public School

Amritsar, March 12, 2015 (Munish Sharma): Delhi Public School invited students of nursery to 3rd class to get their pets to school. There were 15 pet contestants who showcased their varied qualities and enticed the students in the bright sunshine and mild wind that flew in the premises of the school today. A number of dogs of different breeds walked in the backdrop of popular song ‘Who let the dogs in’ while a pair of exotic colored parrots too made it to the show besides ducks waddled in and a turtle stood as silent as its shell.

School Principal Sangeeta Singh who joined Vikram Sehgal an expert in pet care and grooming from Beas to commemorate the care for animals and birds program, as a unique event for students in school, for the first time.

Dogs won titles of ‘Most handsome’, ‘Most Stylish’, ‘Most innocent Eyes’, ‘’Most obedient’, ‘Waggy tail’ ‘Well Groomed’ and for the owner child ‘Best pet handler‘ prize was given. While the parrots won the title of ‘Chatterbox’, the  Turtle won the ‘Statue’ prize, to the utter glee of students.

Students were shown a movie ‘101 Dalmations’ about how dogs care and protect each other, on the occasion. “The movie combined with the live show stirred and encouraged several students to resolve to keep a pet” stated the principal.

An interactive fun learning session helped to develop a sense of affection for birds-animals and Nature, essential to maintain a balanced eco system. While answering questions and giving tips Sehgal said combing dogs in the opposite direction gives best results, queasy dogs during journeys can be kept hungry for the duration of journey as dogs can bear hunger upto 24 hours.

Counting the advantages of keeping pets Sehgal explained “Pets work wonders for the body, soul and mind. They stimulate a sense of well-being, by giving love, laughter, and undiluted happiness. Pets  do not weigh their owners in terms of looks, financial status,  social standing,  age, or even the owner’s  state of health,  they just spread love and are source of constant companionship, someone who can keep all your embarrassing secrets, offers distraction as a stress buster, gives a sense of purpose and responsibility and also forces you to remain fit when you take it for a walk or exercise.”

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