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Amritsar, January 23, 2015 (Online News India): In a fascinating show, students of Electronics and Communication Department of Global Institutes Amritsar, demonstrated the antics of a “Quad-Copter” to mark the Republic Day celebrations in the institute. Similar to the contraption displayed in film “3-Idiots” the copter was designed by students Vaibhav Singh, Talwinder Singh, Varun Kumar, Rishabh Singh, Pankaj Kumar of 4th year, under the guidance of Er. Harmandeep Singh Sangha Assistant Professor, ECE department.

Flagged off by Chairman of the Institute Dr Baldev S Channi along with the vice chairman and Dr Akashdeep, the demonstration for nearly 400 students of the Institute with the indigenously created device was thrilling even as it looked like a toy but had the remarkable feat of lifting up about 1.5 Kg weight.

Haramndeep explaining about the device said, “It was created with the capacity of more than 500 meters of achievable height and about 600 meters of range, the copter worked with remote control and used Brushless Motors, Fiber made Propellers, Electronic Speed Controller, Gyro etc. Fitted with a camera it can survey areas using a single person.

Dr Akashdeep stated, “The device with its amazing maneuverability and ease in flying in constricted locations can achieve a remarkable position in the aviation sector. Moreover it could be effectively used in small patches of forested areas for purpose of recce such as in Jammu and Kashmir in neutralizing militant activities, for wild life habitat surveys and habits.”

Haramndeep while further shedding lighted on the multitude of applications the copter could be used said, “In search and rescue operation with merely an addition of night vision and infrared optics, it can locate areas of fire, flooding, landslides, snow-slides. For the emergency management, it can give situational awareness and damage assessment post disaster. Following road accidents in hilly or sea areas it can take pictures and effectively assist in rescue and transport of relief packets as for the recent floods in Jammu-Kashmir. Similarly, it could be put to use in Code or rule Enforcement, for building and bridge Inspections/coal and other mines, without putting any human life in a hazardous situation.”

Dr. Arvind Bharadwaj Director, Global Institutes said, “Other uses could be in Industrial Lifting, like getting a tool to the workers on the top of a tower, passing optic fiber wires from one roof to the other, besides in Health and Safety such as medical equipment to unreachable places during calamities, disaster and their surveys. It also has advantage in agriculture sector with review of crops and livestock from afar.”

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