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Children Tie Friendship Bands to Trees on World Earth Day celebrations at Delhi Public School in Amritsar on April 22, 2015
Children Tie Friendship Bands to Trees on World Earth Day celebrations at Delhi Public School in Amritsar on April 22, 2015

Amritsar, April 22, 2015 (Munish Sharma): Making friendship bands for trees, collage making with trash, Delhi Public School packed a whole week for ecological awareness and celebration of Earth as mother, culminating on World Earth Day today. Primary students of the school watched a special movie by the CHIPKO Movement named “Waste is Wealth” learning about saving water in many small ways and the bane of wasting this precious commodity.

A group of Senior Students went on a short trip to a forest near Beas that brought them in close harmony with nature and discover plant life in the raw. The trip was organized in collaboration with the forest department also combined a special interview with SK Sagar District Forest Officer Amritsar. During the interactive interview the DFO was asked by the children about the government’s decision to cut even mango trees at a horticulture area of the town besides cutting ancient trees with impunity on roadsides instead of saving some of them during the broadening of roads.

The Forest department expressed its regret that increasing industrialization and careless attitude of concerned authorities has brought things to such a level. Students quoted Alan M Edison’s words on environment that “Modern Technology owes ecology an apology”. The DFO agreed and emphasized the dire need to retrieve the wellness of Mother Earth through small environment conservation gestures.

School Principal Sangeeta Singh who accompanied the students to Beas added from noted environmentalist Barbara Ward “We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as other creatures do”. During the interactive session, she urged students to keep in mind the urgent need to make positive changes to save earth and her resources from dying.

A session was undertaken in School on why special days are marked for different aspects of life. The science department of the school explained various functions of each part of a plant to a group of junior students. The tiny tots eagerly adopted plant saplings that the school provided and gave them names.

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