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Children playing games at newly opened HangOut at Pavilion Mall in Ludhiana
Children playing games at newly opened HangOut at Pavilion Mall in Ludhiana

Ludhiana, April 20, 2015 (Neel Kamal Sonu): Hangout is a unique amusement centre which is amongst India’s leading Family Entertainment Centre. It has been a popular kid’s zone in Delhi’s popular Select City Walk Mall and in NCR’s Millennium Town Gurgaon at DT Mega Mall and now opens at Pavilion Mall in Ludhiana.

Hang Out won the prestigious National Awards for Excellence as the Best FEC, in 2013 and 2015 by the Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries. Till recent times in India, entertainment for the families were very scattered and restricted to limited options even including play zones, game centers or adventure sport hubs but Hang Out decided to change this forever by bringing in all the elements that complete fun under one roof. Living up to its philosophy, Hang Out created a platform where 2 to U can have fun together as a family. The idea struck its creator Shalini Vij when she realized the lack of such entertainment facilities in India where the entire family could spend quality time together as till now either the center were designed for only kids or the adults.

Hang Out breaks the barrier through its thoughtful and innovative design and offerings by providing entertainment options that cater to every member of the family. Hang Out Select City Walk and DT Mega Mall Gurgaon and now in Ludhiana offers some of the widest ranges of Games and Rides, Toddler area, Play Zones and some of India’s finest and most advanced Virtual reality Roller coasters along with a specialized Café and jungle themed family restaurant.

HangOut Ludhiana spreads over sprawling 15000 Sq ft area housing over 70 thrilling and entertaining games and rides for all ages. The entertainment zone can accommodate over 150 people with ample space and comfort for fun.

Hangout brings its 1st Center in Punjab at Pavilion Mall in Ludhiana bringing  India’s 1st ever 6D Motion Theatre and  Virtual Roller coasters that is sure to set the pulse rising. The roller coaster ride has over 8 different themes to choose from and takes the rider a feel of a real roller coaster with turns twists and lifts. The inclusion of the Thrill Rider and Typhoon ensures that almost all age groups can experience the Motion Ride Theatre.

Hang Out has a Tots 2 level indoor Soft play area which is an indoor modular playground with foamed toys, tubes, tunnels, ball pool, edutainment panels, indoor kiddies rides and coin operated games.

Some of the most exciting games have been added also for all age groups that include Typhoon Twin seating Virtual rider and the Thrill Ride, Air hockey, shooting and racing games, basket ball hoops for all age groups,  and the ever so popular bouncy town themed like a raceway with obstacles and slides and many more games and rides.

Some additional fun rides for kids include Pirate Boat Ride, jungle safari ride, which takes the little ones through a make believe jungle.

Hang Out's Jungle Themed Centre and Restaurant is a visual delight and was designed by Shalini Vij, director Hang Out. Realizing the dearth of local, well maintained playgrounds, keeping the weather conditions in mind and the children's play needs, Hang Out realized the need for a unique Play Zone, Family Entertainment Centre and Indoor playgrounds for children to play, have fun and burn their energies.“Play is a fundamental building block of who we are as an adult. Physically, psychologically, emotionally and cognitively, childhood play shapes the person we all become." says Shalini Vij .At Hang Out, the experience of play is vital to what we are as a company. We aim at bringing the best products to the Indian market to redefine Play." she adds.

The interior concept was inspired by the playgrounds and jungles, staying close to nature. Hang Out is given a look of a Playground with a Jungle theme, the green grass look alike carpets, the blue skies and shady trees crafted out of pillars with under the tree effects, fiber glass animals scattered around the Centre and the animal themed furniture in the restaurant and Cafe', with a sky effect in certain areas, animal print lamp shades, make Hang Out unique and adds a fun element for the kids, and offers the feel of nature. The Hang Out gate invites you to a land where you too can be a Kid and the kids can party, play and have fun.

They promote family interaction and understand the family needs. Our center has well defined areas catering to different age groups. HangOut Ludhiana also boasts of Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant that will serve mouth watering signature dishes and a special inclusion of the special menu designed for Kids.

Hang Out also operates as a Party facility, hosting themed parties and events. With promotions like Kids Eat Free on Weekdays with accompanying Spending Adult to promote Family bonding over mealtimes and quality time.

The ever popular Hang Out mascots Monku along with his gang will also perform every hour on the Hang Out jingle to entertain the kids. The much awaited restaurant and entertainment center promises its Ludhiana families a place to party, play and have fun.

Hang Out, it is a unique family entertainment Center, as the name states it is a Family Hang Out, it's not just about Kids entertainment, Hang Out promotes family interaction and understanding the sibling age preferences of entertainment and family needs as a whole, they cater to ages 2 to you 2.

It is not just another gaming zone or toddler area, we are a comprehensive center for family fun. Hang Out promotes Kids.

It's important to the Hang Out team to understand the parental psych, the family needs and the child's attention spans.

Family's need of the hour to entertain and bond with their kids is what Hang Out aim at. It's important that the wave length of the entertainment center and the needs of their guests with families match up.

Hang Out aims to achieve Perfection in Family Entertainment. Aiming for Perfection and higher than is achievable leads to attaining Excellence.

Hang Outs competitive edge is the events organized to celebrate festivals like Janamasthami, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and children’s Day and host many kids’ centric events with the Mall on all Kids related activities, events and festivities. It’s one Big Party at Hang Out all year long.

Hourly Live Shows and performances by Monku and His Gang: Hang Out has a copyrighted trademarked mascot crafted by A production house from USA Kids favorite Monku dances on favorite children songs and the Hang Out Song every hour and does a special show for birthdays and events. His fan following keeps growing every year and Hang out is now merchandising Monku products.

Although the events conducted are kids centric but the adults are also seen having a gala time at Hang Out’s Cafe. Hang Out has always believed in doing something different and exciting. Hang Out celebrates even rare occasions such as Easter and Halloween in a way which is cherished by all. Be it Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Children’s Day or Friendship’s Day, Hang Out has always aimed at making it special and a memorable one for the kids. Christmas is one such grand occasion which is celebrated lavishly at Hang Out. There are Animated Live Santa’s, Christmas special kids menu, gift coupons for rides, body arts, and much more.

During every Hang Out event, the aim is not just restricted to celebrate festivals but Hang Out also supports many charity purposes as well. During the Christmas Eve, Hang Out supported the cause for providing gifts and warm clothes to the kids of Lakshyam NGO in Delhi. The events at Hang Out are always graced by socialites and renowned faces who along with their kids enjoy different occasions with Hang Out. Hang Out is compassionate and sensitive to children with Special Needs.

Promoting Family Bonding and A Global Smile on the face of every child Hang Out invites all Ludhiana families with children to experience Party, Play and Fun for.

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