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Students during inaugural activity of Montessori students at Bal Bharati Public School
Students during inaugural activity of Montessori students at Bal Bharati Public School

Ludhiana, May 06, 2015 (Neel Kamal Sonu): It was a moment of immense pleasure to celebrate an inaugural activity of Montessori students ‘Spectrum of Joy’ at Bal Bharati Public School. A week long activity culminated into a grand finale where vivid performances were exhibited eloquently.

The class presentations were weaved on various theme and the students of Pre-Nur, Mont-I and Mont-II astounded the audience with their innovative ideas and power of expression. All the students were full of energy and enthusiasm. The life bubbled in school premises when the students of Mont-II expressed their ideas expeditiously. Performances of Jap Kaur, Arnav, Trishnoor Kaur, Ozpreet Kaur, Abhijot Kaur, Harbirsingh, Umeher Singh, Saket, Reet Kaur, Tusharand Sargunpreet were truly remarkable.

The students of Mont-I spell bound all when Prisha, Saranya, Luvleen, Smaira expressed their ideas incredibly.The students of Pre-Nursery, Samreet Kaur, Shiven Dhiman and Gurman Singh were beautifully attired toexpress themselves with elegance. Adulations of audience boosted the morale of the participants.

The school Principal Punam Dogra was delighted to see the emerging talent of Montessorians. She was impressed to see the confidence and innovation with new concepts. She stated that through such activities the school is trying to develop the art of oration so that students are able to express themselves vivaciously.

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