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Dr. Kunal Kala, Managing Director, Mind Plus Retreat talking about Smoke free life on No Smoking Day
Dr. Kunal Kala, Managing Director, Mind Plus Retreat talking about Smoke free life on No Smoking Day

Ludhiana, March 10, 2015 (Rajinder Ahuja): Mind Plus Retreat set to motivate people to stop smoking by urging to take the first step in giving up cigarettes for good on No Smoking Day. This is a one of a kind initiative where an organization is helping smokers quit. Quitting smoking offers immediate and long-term benefits. Quitting reduces the risk of developing smoking-related diseases and improves your health in multiple ways.

Speaking of this Initiative Dr. Kunal Kala, Managing Director, Mind Plus Retreat said, “We understand that the majority of smokers want to stop smoking but many find the task too daunting. No Smoking Day is the perfect opportunity to inspire smokers to quit for good. With support, smokers are more likely to succeed in their quit attempt. That is why we are spreading the word on the range of local services and resources available to them."

He also released few tips:

List your own reasons for quitting.

Choose a smoking quit date and stick to it.

Choose a "low stress" time to quit. Set a date and stick to it.

Build a support network around you. Ask for help from your dentist, doctor, family, friends and work colleagues.

Use medicines that help your body get used to life without nicotine: they can double your chances of quitting for good. Ask your doctor, dentist, pharmacist about them first.

Seek tobacco-free environments to curb your temptations: eg movies, theatres, libaries, and restaurants.

Plan activities that leave no opportunity for smoking.

Remove smoking paraphernalia from your home, office and car.

Exercise: not only can it make you feel better about yourself and your decision to quit, it is hard to smoke when you're cycling, swimming, or jogging.

Keep your hands occupied. Take up some manual activities: woodworking, gardening, do the housework, keep some needlework or a small book of puzzles or crosswords with you.

Practise the 4Ds when you feel cravings coming on: Delay (craving will pass in 5 to 10 minutes); Drink water (helps wash toxins from your body, keeps your hands and mouth busy); Distract yourself (keep active, do something else); Deep breathing (inhaling and exhaling deeply is soothing and relaxing).

Finally there are a number of medicines including nicotine replacement therapy in the form of chewing gum or patches that can be helpful when take as per your doctor’s advice.

He further added “Quitting smoking could be the key to improving not only your physical health, but your mental health too.”

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