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Dikshant Malik interacting with students during workshop
Dikshant Malik interacting with students during workshop

Ludhiana, April 21, 2015 (Neel Kamal Sonu): In the pursuit of making the Satyans global and empowered leaders of the future, Sat Paul Mittal School organized a four days’ workshop from 18th April to 21st April, 2015 on “MUN Skills” to equip the Satyans with the abilities of a MUNner. The resource person for the same was Dikshant Malik, a renowned MUNner from New Delhi and Chairman of “The Dias”.

MUN or Model United Nations is the simulation of the actual United Nations where the students participate as various delegates of the countries and try to solve the problems faced by the world. During the four days’ workshop, the Satyans learnt about the code of conduct and the procedures of an MUN along with the importance and various committees of the United Nations.

Various interactive activities were also conducted in order to make the concepts clearer for the learners. The workshop opened new horizons for the Satyans and broadened their views on various pressing issues concerning the world. On the final day, a four hour mock session was held to engage the delegates and simulate a real MUN session in the school.

The Satyans captivated all by their knowledge, in-depth research and efforts. They proved that with sheer determination and hardwork, nothing is impossible. Dikshant Malik had a lasting impact on all and his words of wisdom were imbibed by all. The workshop honed the public speaking skills of the Satyans and prepared them for fruitful MUN sessions in the future.

The mood was upbeat in the campus with the announcement of the organisation of the Satyan MUN’ 2015 , an Inter-School MUN in the first week of August.

This is one of its kind MUN session to be held in Ludhiana for the first time. The students were all geared up to be a part of this phenomenal event to be held in the school.

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