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Mumbai, January 18, 2015 (Online News India): Ethiopian runners ruled the roost, finishing with a bag full of medals in the USD 360,000 prize money in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2015 on Sunday.

Elite Woman - Full Marathon Winner Diknesh Mekash at the finishing line
Elite Woman - Full Marathon Winner Diknesh Mekash at the finishing line

Women’s defending champion Dinknesh Mekash led the charge as the Ethiopian dominated the field by winning five of the six medals on offer. Luke Kibet of Kenyan denied the Ethiopians of a clean sweep by grabbing the third place in the men’s event.

The 22 year old Abera unknown to Marathon running emerged as the surprise of the pack by clinching the first place with a time of 2:09:46 on Sunday morning. Abera who ran the last stage of the race alone just missed out on improving the course record of 2:09.32, which was set by Uganda’s Jackson Kiprop in 2013. His countryman Dereje Debele did well to finish second with a time of 2:10:31 just ahead of Kibet who clocked a time of 2:10:57 in third position.

The Ethiopians stamped their authority in the women’s competition, claiming the top three places. Last year’s winner Dinknesh maintained her dominance with another strong performance to defend her title. The 30 year old Dinknesh took first place (2:30:00) followed by compatriots Kumeshi Sichala (2:30:56) and Marta Megra (2:31:45) in second and third place respectively.

Elite Men - Full Marathon Winner Tesfaye Abera at the finishing line being witnessed by Wimbledon Champion and Event Ambassador Marion Bartoli
Elite Men - Full Marathon Winner Tesfaye Abera at the finishing line being witnessed by Wimbledon Champion and Event Ambassador Marion Bartoli

The Indian women runners also had a field day as O.P. Jaisha making her debut overshadowed defending champion Lalita Babar, winner of the last three editions, to clinch the top honours with a new national record time of 2:37:29. Babar, who held the previous course record of 2:50:31 set last year, clocked a time of 2:38:21 to finish in second place, while Sudha Singh was placed third in 2:42:12. All three girls completed the race well within qualifying mark of 2:44 for the 2015 World Championship in China.

The men’s race did not witness a stiff competition as many of the favourites dropped out for different reasons. Kenya’s Henry Sugut, Jacob Cheshari and Filex Kiprotich dropped out of the race due to stomach problems and dehydration. However the younger Abera was unaware of the situation and continued to run strongly as he kept pace with the front runners till the 26km mark before gradually increasing the pace. But after 31km he speeded away and ran alone for the remainder of the race before breasting the tape at the finish line.

However he missed out on the course record as he repeatedly kept looking over his shoulders which cost him valuable time. “I had a good race and the conditions were alright for me. I am not worried about the record as I only wanted to compete and do well and I have achieved my dream of running a marathon and also going on to win,” said the six feet four inches tall runner, who has basically competed in 15km race earlier.

On the other hand Dinknesh had a smooth run and received excellent support from her pacemaker who also finished the race simultaneously. The Ethiopian led from start to finish and like Abera, she too ran the second half of the race alone. “After the 21km stage I started to accelerate and got away from the pack and thereafter I just strode along to complete another good win,” said Dinknesh.

She mentioned that she could have finished with a faster time but due to cramps and aches in her back and ankle she ran a bit slower. Both Abrera and Dinknesh went home richer by US$ 41,000 each.

The top honour among the Indian Elite men was claimed by Karan Singh of Army Institute of Sports who retained his title by clocking a time of 2:21:35. He was followed by teammates and debutants Arjun Pradhan (2:22:22) in second place and Bahadur Singh Dhoni (2:22:41) in third position. Karan Singh, Arjun Pradhan, O.P. Jaisha and Lalita Babar will now get a chance to be on the TCS New York Marathon start line an initiative announced earlier in the week by Tata Consultancy Services.

Meanwhile, Indrajeet Patel and Kavita Raut successfully defended their men’s and women’s half marathon crowns. Patel clinched the first place ahead of Atwa Bhagat and Govind Singh, both placed second and third respectively. Raut once again showed her mettle by taking pole position while Eve Bugler of Great Britain emerged second and Supriya Patil third in the women’s completion. The Indian winners, Karan Singh and O.P. Jaisha, received the Gold medals and Rs 5 lakhs each.

Following are the results: (Finals):

(Overall Results Men): Tesfaye Abera (ETH) 2:09:46; Dereje Debele (ETH) 2:10:31; Luke Kibet (KEN) 2:10:57; Michael Mutai (KEN) 2:14:31; Peter Kosgei (KEN) 2:14:38; Shumi Hailu (ETH) 2:15:04; Silas Kipruto (KEN) 2:15:37; Benard Rotich (KEN) 2:16:49; Bernard Kihanya (KEN) 2:16:59; Evans Ruto (KEN) 2:18:17.

(Overall Results Women): Dinknesh Mekash (ETH) 2:30:00; Kumeshi Sichala (ETH) 2:30:56; Marta Megra (ETH) 2:31:45; Rorisa Bacha (ETH) 2:31:46; Hamila Hussen (ETH) 2:35:36; Radiya Adlo (ETH) 2:37:06; Zeytuna Arba (ETH) 2:37:26; Jaisha O P (IND) (Overall 8th) 2:37:29; Lalita Babar (IND) (Overall 9th) 2:38:21; Monica Wangari (KEN) 2:42:12.

(Indian Overall Results Men): Karan Singh (IND) 2:21:35; Arjun Pradhan (IND) 2:22:22; Bahadur Singh Dhoni (IND) 2:22:41; Vishram Meena (IND) 2:23:40; Sanvroo Yadav (IND) 2:24:50; Krishna Singh (IND) 2:26:40; Sunil Kumar (IND) 2:27:27; Binning Lyngkhoi (IND) 2:27:46; Tirath Kumar (IND) 2:28:28; O Sanaton Singh (IND) 2:29:08.

(Indian Overall Results Women): Jaisha O P (IND) 2:37:29; Lalita Babar (IND) 2:38:21; Sudha Singh (IND) 2:42:12; Jyoti Gawate (IND) 2:50:37;Vijaymala Patil (IND) 3:01:24; Shyamli Sing (IND) 3:06:37; Sukanya Mall (IND) 3:09:23; Amandeep Kaur (IND) 3:16:01; Sudha M (IND) 3:23:56; Ranjana Kumari (IND) 3:37:08.

Half Marathon (Men): Indrajeet Patel (IND) 1:08:09; Atwa Bhagat (IND) 1:08:11; Govind Singh (IND) 1:08:14; Yunus M D (IND) 1:08:18;Anil Pawar (IND) 1:08:28; Anoop Prakash (IND) 1:11:29; Nirmal Kumar (IND) 1:11:37; Gova Ram (IND) 1:13:13; Geoffrey Kiprotich Birgen (KEN) 1;13:16; Anil Shivappa Korvi (IND) 1:13:17.

Half Marathon (Women): Kavita Raut (IND) 1:19:50; Eve Bugler (GBR) 1:22:18; Supriya Patil (IND) 1:26:48; Komal Rani (IND) 1:33:41; Manjula Patil (IND) 1:37:17; Jayanti Thapliyal (IND) 1:37:48; Neha Grover (IND) 1:37:54; Vaishnavi Vaghela (IND) 1:39:08; Ankita Mittal (IND) 1:39:30; Kulsum Husain (IND) 1:40:07.

Marathon 35 to 40 Yrs. (Men): Raja (IND) 2:38:35; Prakash Nannaware (IND) 2:58:05; Amod Bhate (IND) 3:13:54.

Marathon 35 to 40 Yrs. (Women): Elina Junnila (FIN) 3:08:43; Andrea Stadler (GBR) 3:36:38; Shobha Desai (IND) 3:57:44.

Marathon 40 to 45 yrs. (Men): Sharananand Sukerkar (IND) 2:45:54; Brian Angwin (GBR) 2:59:35; Gerald PDE (IND) 3:08:33.

Marathon 40 to 45 yrs. (Women): Shubha Bhargava (IND) 3:36:03; Shilpa Phadke (IND) 3:53:07; Heidi Griffiths (AUS) 3:53:54.

Marathon 45 t0 50 yrs. (Men): Derek Hunter (IRL) 2:58:50; Ramesh Kanjilimadhom (IND) 3:04:34; Keith Garbutt (GBR) 3:07:18.

Marathon 45 t0 50 yrs. (Women): Susan Mcdonald (GBR) 3:22:51; Vaishali Kasture (IND) 3:48:26; Kranti Salvi (IND) 3:58:53.

Marathon 50 to 55 yrs. (Men): Mukhesh Rana (IND) 3:15:32; Jayaprakash Gowda (IND) 3:19:59; Harald Loof (SWE) 3:27:09.

Marathon 50 to 55 yrs. (Women): Titi Togni (ITA) 4:16:40; Chitra Nadkarni (IND) 4:18:48; Taru Mateti (IND) 4:28:58.

Marathon 50 to 55 yrs. (Men): Mukhesh Rana (IND) 3:15:32; Jayaprakash Gowda (IND) 3:19:59; Harald Loof (SWE) 3:27:09.

Marathon 50 to 55 yrs. (Women): Titi Togni (ITA) 4:16:40; Chitra Nadkarni (IND) 4:18:48; Taru Mateti (IND) 4:28:58.

Marathon 55 to 60 yrs. (Men): Sabhajeet Yadav (IND) 03:28:40; An Subramanian (IND) 03:30:36; Siddesha Hanumamtappa (IND) 03:31:46.

Marathon 55 to 60 yrs. (Women): Chandra Gopalan (IND) 05:13:56.

Marathon 60 to 65 yrs. (Men): P K N Nambier (IND) 04:00:46; Rughavir NO (IND) 04:12:57; Pattani Pravin (IND) 04:22:00.

Marathon 60 to 65 yrs. (Women): Pervin Batliwala (IND) 04:51:20; Genevieve Ryan (RSA) 04:58:11.

Marathon 65 to 70 yrs. (Men): Virendra Singh Rawat (IND) 04:18:24; Srinath Nagappa (IND) 04:33:11; Shiv Dogra (IND) 04:35:51.

Half Marathon Overall (MEN): Indrajeet Patel (IND) 1:08:09; Atwa Bhagat (IND) 01:08:11; Govind Singh (IND) 1:08:14.

Half Marathon Overall (WOMEN): Kavita Raut (IND) 1:19:50; Eve Bugler (GBR) 01:22:18; Supriya Patil (IND) 1:26:48.

Half Marathon 35 to 45 years (MEN): Pritam Singh (IND) 1:22:41; Sanjay Dasilva (IND) 1:24:12; Dharmendra D (IND) 1:24:12.

Half Marathon 35 to 45 years (WOMEN): Jayanti Thapliyal(IND) 1:37:45; Kulsum Husain (IND) 1:39:47; Lalita Madhwal (IND) 1:40:20.

Half Marathon 45 to 55 years (MEN): Kumar Dinesh (IND) 1:21:17; Stephen Oleary (IRL) 1:22:11; Pandurang Chougule (IND) 1:25:04.

Half Marathon 45 to 55 years (WOMEN): Leelamma Alphonso (IND) 1:42:30; Anjali Bhalinge (IND) 1:55:48; Kurshid Mistry(IND) 1:56:43.

Half Marathon 55 to 65 years (MEN): Savio Dsouza (IND) 1:37:50; Devendra Kapoor (IND) 1:43:28; Ram Paul Kapoor (IND) 1:43:35.

Half Marathon 55 to 65 years (WOMEN):Smita Patil (IND) 1:59:51; Rachel Chatterjee (IND) 2:06:03; Elsie Nanji (IND) 2:07:09.

Half Marathon 65 and above (MEN): Gurudayal Yadav (IND) 1:51:30; V Ramachandra Rao (IND) 2:02:02; Shyam Sunder (IND) 2:02:37.

Half Marathon 65 and above (WOMEN): Nisha Sutaria (IND) 2:53:41; Nirupama Bhave (IND) 2:53:59; Mitta Shah (IND) 3:04:39.

Police Cup:

1. Naigaon Men Team 1 – Swapnil Pol, Sidharam Dongraje, Kondiba Madane, Appa Kumbhre 02:46:50.

2. Naigaon Men Team 2 – Ganesh Thorat, Ravindra Patil, Kiran Talekar, Uamesh Gavhane 02:47:39.

3. Force One A – Abhay Teli, Yogesh Dhonde, Sunil Salunke, Ganesh Shingade 02:57:32.

DHL Corporate Champions:

1. Infosys – Thanuj Kumar, Geeta Kumari, Sunran il Oram, Nandesh P 03:05:06.

2. TCS III – Ranjani Ganapathi, Kamalakannan TR, Saravanan Palanimalai, Rajasekar Rajendran 03:18:09.

3. TESCO HSC – Prashant Waldia, Priya Rajendran, Dilip Sankar, Manjunath Rajendran 03:21:14.

Kingfisher Mast Mumbaikar (For Individual): 1st Prize Sonal Giani; 2nd Prize Asif Ismail Shaikh; 3rd Prize Shruti Tulpule.

Kingfisher Bindaas Bande (Best Costume Theme for Groups): 1st Prize Samarpan Meditation; Shrimad Rajchandra Sarva Mangal Trust.

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